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Do You Know ?

The Foodscientists believe that:

  • People who prefervege tarianto meatare healthier.
  • Increased consumption ofsprouts, green sandwasin dietin creases the life.
  • Animal fatandsugarintakefora healthier lifeshouldbe decreased , and thesprouts,fruits and vegetablesincreased.
  • most sprouts are antioxidant.
  • sprouts, vegetable and fruits are natural and non-expensive drugs in addition to food.
  • sprouts have lower volume quantity and higher quality value than fruits and vegetables.
  • when seeds are grown their food value has multiplied.

Do You Know ?

RAVAK Vetch sprout:

  • Is equal to meat in regard to protein.
  • Is a full mea individually.
  • Is a plant multi vitamin.
  • Is both vegetable and food.
  • Contains different types of vitamins A ,B, C ,E, antioxidant.
  • Facilitate the function of intestine because of fibres.
  • Is a proper choice to increase mother’s milk.
  • Doesn’t make bloat like beans.
  • Is used to prepare more than 50 types of food and salad.

Table Food:

mg/100g of dry matter white bread bread with bran RAVAK wheat germ
Vitamin A 0 0 0.40
Vitamin B1 10 0.60 0.07
Vitamin B2 2.5 0.10 0.05
Vitamin B3 5 4 0.70
Vitamin B5 2.1 0.80 0.40
Vitamin B6 3 0.90 0.20
Vitamin C 1 0 0
Vitamin D 0.07 0 0
Vitamin E 27 3 0.20
Calcium Ca 90 40 20
Magnesium Mg 400 130 10
Phosphor P 1100 390 90
Potassium K 800 290 100

RAVAK Vetch sprout contains vitamins A,B,D, and high levels of mineral, zinc and magnesium.

Significant amount of vitamin E, zinc, vitamin B in RAVAK Vetch sprout can prevent the oldness and ..............

increase the movement people who suffers the zinc deficiency, the best alternative element is Vetch sprout.

All of these cases lead to Vetch sprout became a good food in all meal.

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