First producer of edible sprouts in hydroponic method (culture without soil) in Iran.

Hydroponic calls a method that plant doesn’t require to soil as a culture context for its growth.  And because of .................

lack of contact to soil, doesn’t face problems such as parasites, microbes and bacteria. So the plant can grow in a controllable, healthy and isolated environment without need to Spraying and fertilization. Then it grows without pollutants,then harvest and packed naturally and healthy.

This is one key factor that RAVAK Sprouts considers itself as the producer of healthy food and can be the first choice in your food basket.

Agricultural ProductsCompany, SARCHIN CO produces different types of vetch,cloverandwheat and distributes the healthy and diversity products in market.
We suggest the RAVAK Sprouts because of important properties in daily food , because it can be used as raw or cooked.

RAVAK Sprouts can be used in different foods, soups, salads, appetizer, sandwich, pizza, sprout juice in regard to your taste. RAVAK Sprouts either raw or cooked in all meal represents your cooking knowledge and ability and will increase the quality and health.